Issue Management Coaching

Conflict management coaching takes advantage of our professional assessment of a concern, conflict, or dispute in the workplace and encourages the development of your conflict management skills. Our engagement, as your conflict management coach, supports the development of your conflict management style. The conflict management coaching is at a minimum a three-month commitment to developing your conflict management competency. Within this three-month period, you receive six one-hour sessions. 

The process commences with a consultation to determine where you are in managing conflict in the workplace. Then working with your availability during our business hours, we arrange each session to be held for the first two months. After the first two months of conflict management coaching, we arrange for an interim consultation where you may clarify what you would like to continue or discontinue with the conflict coaching program. At the end of the the-month conflict coaching program, we arrange for a concluding assessment on your growth in conflict management skills over the three-month period and learning recommendations are made along with other suggestions for any areas of improvement. At any point in time during these discussions, feel free to seek independent legal advice based on the needs of your organization. 

This service is best suited for clients that do not require our involvement with conflict management processes but would appreciate our professional opinion on how they may best navigate a difficult conversation or relationship dynamic between one or more persons in the workplace. Typically, this service is delivered to business owners and managers looking to transform their workplace environment.

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