Frquently Asked Questions


What is Workplace Mediation?

It is an informal non-adversarial interest-based discussion between at least two persons, about identified concerns in a workplace. This discussion is very structured with a prescribed time and expectations in behaviour and style of communication.

The intent of workplace mediation is to clarify misunderstandings and support the development of how the group or two persons in the workplace will work together going forward. Workplace mediation differs from workplace restoration in that the emphasis on developing a working plan to re-establish trust and engagement process in workplace restoration is not the focus of workplace mediation but can be a healthy outcome of the mediation process.


What types of issues are you able to address through Workplace Mediation?

We are skilled and experienced with addressing workplace disputes such as workplace bullying, employee morale, competition, performance management concerns, motivation, a disparity in expectations. 


At what point do you contact us?

You will contact us when employees have become positioned (firm in their argument) and ethically you are unable to support the resolution of the disputed issue(s). It is highly recommended that your employees are informed of the workplace mediation services added to the HR hospitality suite of services, so that they may freely and with greater willingness engage in workplace mediation process.


What makes us different?

 We actually listen to what our clients are saying and work towards meeting their workplace mediation needs. The services include a methodology to improve positive communication skills and reflective thinking before acting.


What should you expect?

Confidentiality, integrity and timely resolution of workplace disputes and a brief non-descriptive report of the issue(s) addressed, as well as an indication of the resolution/outcome between the parties.