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Tricia Gazarek, Director Conflict Management

Tricia Gazarek, Director Conflict Management, Lewis & Gazarek, Inc.

Tricia is passionate about helping people through their dispute and assisting them with developing effective and lasting resolutions. She is very knowledgeable about the methods and techniques used to effectively manage and resolve disputes in the workplace. She has worked directly with managers and business owners to address workplace conflict; drafted, reviewed, and revised workplace conflict management plans and policies. Through her experience, she has developed expertise in planning and executing interest-based conflict resolution meetings, using various conflict resolution practices and additional resources to aid the conflict resolution process. 

Her expertise in the areas of conflict resolution and knowledge of legal matters is supported by a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Paralegal Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and a Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management graduate degree. She acquired certified training to handle properly issues concerning Bullying, At-Risk Youth and the Law, Safe Schools Awareness and Psychological First-Aid Training as an extension of her Post-Graduate studies. She also obtained certification on workplace conflict assessment and management for unionized and non-unionized workplaces through the Workplace Fairness Institute and has the Lean White Belt (Public Sector) Certification to assess the quality and process design in organizations. In addition, she obtained the Qualified Mediator designation from the ADR Institute of Ontario. 

To put it simply, Tricia understands the challenges with addressing people relations disputes in businesses and knows how to use various methods to improve processes and procedures for people.

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Student Learning Engagement

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Lewis & Gazarek, Inc. has provided experiential learning to a selection of students attending the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. 

This learning experience allowed students to gain experience and skills in business writing, research, and reporting. Our engagement with these selected individuals over a nine-month period was guided by a strategic business development plan. As such, the students were able to participate in several meetings and learn the delicate nature of managing confidential information and intellectual property while advancing our online presence through content development process on social media platforms. 

In their own words: " Overall this has been an interesting and eye-opening project. We learned about the legalities related to business when developing social media platforms that represent the business... We now understand how important consistency and branding image is... This project has given us a great learning opportunity and experience...has taught us what it will be like to work in the 'real world' and how to manage groups, people and tasks in a timely manner."

(UOIT, FBIT Students, 2017) 

Through our engagement with these merging professionals, we were exposed to modern work performance styles and communication. Truly, in turn, we learned about the needs and desires of the future workplace environment.