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Workplace Conflict Management Plans

Workplace conflict management plans are guides for the organization to share and use in the event of a conflict turning into a dispute. Would your average employee know whom they should speak with if a customer raises a concern about another employee’s negative behaviour? With whom should the manager discuss their concerns of an entire group affected by a toxic workplace relationship? 

The answers to these questions may seem straightforward and simple, but in conflict, the relationships people have in the workplace and the power(s) held by some or a few changes the impression of how the course of action / communication may flow for difficult conversations with the dis-harmonized individual or group. 

A workplace conflict management plan outlined to all members of the organization has the potential to engender confidence in the process designed to support the resolution of the dispute. Akin to hearing the safety measures upon boarding an aircraft, members of an organization should know what the internal plan is for disputes. Moreover, with the employee informed of the steps to take for resolving a dispute in the organization, the employee triggers the collaboration of dispute resolution professionals and conflict management process within the organization. 

We support the development and improvement of your organization’s conflict management plan by reviewing the current processes and policies then provide recommendations. If needed, we can also support the implementation of any of the recommendations. 

This service is best suited for clients that need our involvement with conflict management planning for the organization. Typically, this service is delivered to business owners, executives, and/or human resource managers looking to transform the current workplace conflict management system.

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