What Others Are Saying


"Thank you for today’s meeting. Despite the challenges of a full agenda, and prolonged discussions, I felt that a lot was accomplished. I appreciate the way you went through each item so thoroughly."

Clunis, S. 

"Ms. Gazarek successfully delivered on several projects for the Office."  

"Ms. Gazarek's professionalism, her background, and knowledge in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution proved extremely useful..." 

Mendez, D.  

"As a small-business owner, Tricia has had a tremendous impact on the success of my business. Her consultation has directly contributed to the company's growth. Tricia's knowledge in the areas of interpersonal communications has allowed me to engage my employees more and build a healthier, more productive work environment. Her guidance on difficult issues and internal conflicts has led to seizing these moments as opportunities to strengthen our team. Tricia has counselled me on effectively communicating with our clients which has led to an increase in repeat business and quality referrals. I cannot thank her enough for the insights that she has provided over the years and definitely could not have achieved the success we have without her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help solving conflicts, tackling tough issues, negotiating, or by establishing more meaningful relationships employees and customers." 

Miller, J.  

"The best part of my experience was that she was honest, and kept me positive, going forward. Her words are powerful and she reminded me everyday of the power I had within myself." 

Alonzo, S.  

"I find Ms. Gazarek to be very knowledgeable and insightful. She is very well organized, professional and effective in her approach. She has been tremendously helpful in achieving resolution to internal conflict within timely manner. I would recommend Ms. Gazarek to any organization that is in need of mediation services." 

Choi, P.  

"Tricia was well organized; keeping track of the details necessary to coordinate with our team to ensure a smooth transition assisting one lawyer to the next. Tricia governs herself with the utmost professionalism at all times." 

Phillips, C.  

"Tricia is an outstanding individual with a strong character. She has the ability to produce impressive results..."  

"She performed well on the projects that I assigned to her and she showed great attention to detail where quality was never compromised. Additionally, she has a very positive attitude and truly embraces learning all there is to know about Negotiation and Mediation with the ADR system." 

Baker, T. 

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